GoSTEM is a collaborative partnership at Georgia Tech between the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC) and Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (IDEI). Its mission is to promote STEM academic achievement and college attendance among Latino and other cultural and linguistic minority K-12 students.


GoSTEM impacts cultural and linguistic minority student achievement and expands access and opportunities to these students in STEM through strategic institutional collaborations at Georgia Tech; and meaningful partnerships with Georgia K-12 school systems, and community organizations. GoSTEM connects Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students directly to K-12 students and their teachers through innovative educational programs that serve to broaden their participation in STEM education and careers. These initiatives are accompanied by rigorous research and evaluation efforts that enable GoSTEM to contribute meaningfully to the national conversation regarding underrepresented students’ participation in postsecondary education and STEM careers.


GoSTEM Goals

  • To be the hub for Latino-focused K-12 initiatives at Georgia Tech
  • To serve as liaison between the Georgia Tech community and external partners and organizations interested in Latino K-12 education and outreach.
  • To provide national leadership in Latino educational issues through educational research and rigorous evaluation.
  • To collaboratively develop STEM-focused programming for cultural and linguistic minority K-12 students, families, and their teachers.
  • To develop, curate and disseminate STEM-focused Spanish language resources for K-12 students.