Hispanic Initiatives

Hispanic Initiatives (OHI)

Since 2002, Hispanic Initiatives (OHI) has offered programs designed to recruit, retain, and promote the success of students of Hispanic/Latino origin. The programs enhance the personal, academic, and professional development of Hispanic/Latino students with the support and involvement of the Georgia Tech community, including faculty and staff. OHI supports educational programs that promote sustainable change and have a long-term impact on the campus. As part of the Office of the Vice President for Institute Diversity, OHI is committed to:

  • Assisting in the recruitment of high-achieving, talented Hispanic/Latino students to GT
  • Enhancing the educational experience for Hispanic/Latino students at Georgia Tech through fostering an inclusive and supportive environment on campus
  • Promoting Hispanic/Latino students through programs that help them grow academically, personally, and professionally while at Tech and prepare them for success after graduating
  • Serving as a central resource for all members of the GT Hispanic/Latino community, including prospective and current students and their families, faculty,and staff.

Many programs have been created and expanded at Georgia Tech for actively recruiting and retaining Hispanic/Latino students. Endowed funds have enabled Georgia Tech to allocate resources for the recruitment and retention of students of Hispanic/Latino origin and to provide support for enhancing their educational experience through special events and activities as well as interaction with faculty mentors, invited speakers, and alumni. OHI’s main components include recruitment, retention and outreach initiatives. OHI creates, implements, and participates in programs and events that promote a welcoming campus environment at Georgia Tech for Hispanic/Latino students, enrich their educational experience, and promote cultural diversity within the campus community. We offer opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to partake in educational programs as well as cultural and networking events. Hispanic Initiatives provides support, information, and resources to entities inside of Georgia Tech, collaborates with several administrative and academic units, and develops and cultivates relationships with the Hispanic/Latino community outside of Georgia Tech, including corporate Hispanic affinity groups, Georgia Tech alumni, community leaders, and numerous entities and organizations, such as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA), the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GHCC), the World Chamber of Commerce (WCC), the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce (BACC), and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce (LACC). For more information visit the Hispanic Initiatives website: http://www.hispanicoffice.gatech.edu/