Faculty Collaborations

Grants and Programs:

Through our collaborative partnerships, GoSTEM assists Georgia Tech faculty in designing meaningful educational components into their grants, programs and outreach opportunities. To learn more about partnering with us and incorporating outreach opportunities to Latino students into your grants and projects, please contact the GoSTEM Program Director, Dr. Diley Hernandez.


GoSTEM Speakers Bureau:

Georgia Tech faculty interested in outreach opportunities with GoSTEM can also register for our Speakers Bureau.
These opportunities allow faculty to:

  • Promote their STEM discipline and share their story
  • Be a role model
  • Inspire Latino students
  • Participate in our Annual Latino College & STEM Fair.
  • Help strengthen the pipeline of Latino students to Georgia Tech!

If you are interested in any of these outreach opportunities, please complete this form below:

Speakers Bureau Registration/Buró de Ponentes y Comunicadores de GoSTEM

NOTE: Please select all that apply, but please be aware that all engagements will be virtual until further notice.