Family Talks/ Charlas en Familia Series

Learning from Parents Uses of Technology with Lucia Marisol Villacres Falconi, Georgia Tech College of Computing PhD Student Strategies to take care of ourselves and cope with stress with GoSTEM Team member Analia Rao, MSW First Year College Admissions Process with Mariana Maneiro, Georgia Tech Senior Admissions Officer
Supporting Students Academically During School Transitions Due to COVID-19, presented by Michael Doyne and Nury Castillo Crawford                                                                                                                

Latinos/Hispanics in STEM: A Career Path Series

Institute Provost, Rafael Bras Engineer & Systems Analyst, Sandia National Labaratories, Patricia Hernandez Senior Advisor at National Institute of Standards and Technology, Dr. Frank Mari
Institute President, Ángel Cabrera Director of Engineering, Design Practices at The Boeing Company, Dr. Marvi Matosident                                                        

GoSTEM Videos

GoSTEM Georgia Tech 2017-18 was a Great Year for GoSTEM! Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?
What Was The Miller-Urey Experiment? What is DNA and How Does it Work? How Mosquitoes Fly in the Rain - English Spanish Subtitles
GIFT VIDEO 2013 Slow motion mammals shaking themselves dry (English)                                                        


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